Monday, November 30, 2009

Planet Earth

Satellite photo of planet earth

Introduction to Planetary Science is an interdisciplinary class covering remote sensing, impact craters, surface erosion, atmospheric phenomena, tectonics, volcanism, and recent discoveries from unmanned and human exploration of the solar system.


Create your own avatar then see the virtual world appear around you as you find out the impact your behaviour has on the planet. It’s all possible using EPA Victoria and Global Footprint Network’s ecological footprint calculator.

It’s a fun and easy way to understand more about sustainability and at the end of the quiz you are given some suggestions on how you can reduce your footprint (I thought I was doing quite well until I found out it would take three planet earths to sustain a human race that all lived like me!).


You can calculate your own ecological footprint (or that of your home, office, school, retail, or event). You can also learn more about how the ecological footprint has come about, how it works and link to the broader global footprint community.



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